[Stellenangebote] Teilzeit-Job/Abschlussarbeit: Stud. Hilfskraft (40-80 h/m), Projekt: The Virtual Brain, Charité Berlin, Berlin

Marcus Edel marcusedel at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mi Jun 10 22:11:15 CEST 2015

Liebe Kommilitonen,

ich habe gesehen, dass an der Charité eine HiWi-Stelle für
(Bio-)Informatikstudierende ausgeschrieben ist. Hier der
Ausschreibungstext, bitte direkt kontaktieren:

The BrainModes group, Dept. of Neurology, Charité – University Medicine
Berlin is offering:

    Student assistant position in Berlin
    within 'The Virtual Brain' (with M.Sc. thesis opportunity)

We offer the possibility for a student assistant salary on the basis of
a contract with 40 to 80 hrs/month.

Starting date: As soon as possible

Contact: PD Dr. Petra Ritter, petra.ritter at charite.de

Your profile:

- You are studying computer science, bioinformatics, mathematics or a
related field.
- You have good programming skills and are interesting in systematically
preparing complex mathematical and neuroscientific issues for
educational purposes.

Required skills:

- Good programming skills (in particular JavaScript, Python) or
alternatively a very high motivation to acquire those skills
- The ability and interest for didactic preparation of complex
mathematical issues

Who we are:

We are a multidisciplinary (neuroscience, bioinformatics, mathematics)
and international (DE, CA, FR etc.) research group focusing on complex
brain activity. By combining advanced multimodal neuroimaging and
computational modeling we aim to identify generative mechanisms of
ongoing neuronal dynamics. We provide a friendly environment and the
chance to work on an established software project in a comprehensive
multidisciplinary emerging field.

Your task:

We work on The Virtual Brain (http://thevirtualbrain.org), the first
open neuroinformatics platform for full brain network simulation based
on individual anatomical connectivity data.
In order to ease familiarization and to enable users to quickly start
working with TVB, we developed our newly released educational module:
TVB-EduPack (Matzke, Schirner, 2015; submitted) provides researchers
from various backgrounds a quick start into TVB and brain network
modelling. The possibility to create extendable educational content that
is supported by animations, videos and textual descriptions addresses
the demand for a flexible educational framework which can easily provide
user group fitted interactive tutorials. In contrast to standard
documentation, TVB-EduPack tutorials allow users to directly engage in
complex modelling scenarios while using TVB. The educational component
of TVB-EduPack comprises two different knowledge levels: (i) EduStart,
an interactive introduction into the software TVB that makes the user
familiar with the basic usability while guiding through concepts and
methodologies in computational neuroscience and (ii) EduCase, which
refers to advanced use cases in TVB, e.g. developing computational
neuroscience methods further by leading the user through in-depth
tutorials that exemplify typical applications like exploring dynamical
regimes of different models or tuning parameters to reproduce specific
types of neuronal activity. We show several use cases and demonstrate
how autodidactic exercising of complex TVB simulation scenarios creates
a pleasant user experience. Like TVB, EduPack is an open source
community project that lives from the participation and contribution of
its users.

If you are interested, please contact us (petra.ritter at charite.de) with
your CV.

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