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Our mission is to break up the rigid organization of information on the web
and let information assemble in a more flowing and natural way. So that less
of our time is taken up by dull keyword search and more of our time is spent
effortlessly discovering the things that are relevant to us.

 *Co-Founder Software Engineering*

*Who We Are*

flowtale is a young startup based in Berlin that aims to change the way
information is organized on the web. At the core of flowtale is its

of patented neuronal networks – dynamic and self-learning algorithms capable
of identifying relevance through contextual association. Our focus lies
particularly on connecting products with relevant information in e-commerce.

We have assembled a team with varied backgrounds to achieve our ambitious
goals and can also rely on some influential advisors. This includes
considerable international experience, expertise in e-commerce and with
neurosemantic technologies. One of our co-founders was also CTO of another
internet startup for several years with which he achieved VC-financing and a
successful exit.

 *Who We Are Looking For*

The technical work with flowtale will be divided among two programmers.
While we already have an experienced co-founder for the web-development side
of flowtale, we are looking for another person to fill the role of
Co-Founder Software Engineering. This person would be in charge of servicing
the core technology. Ideally you will finish your degree in computer science
this spring and have excellent programming skills. You might be from a
number of different backgrounds including web development, databases,
artificial intelligence, or neurosemantics.

You have the option of a secure job in an established company, but your
ambitions and constant search for new challenges make you wonder whether
that is really the course to take. You are highly intelligent, love solving
problems and exhibit a high degree of creativity and flexibility when doing
so. You have the courage to have big goals and the belief that making those
reality is possible. But what really distinguishes you is the relentless
perseverance and initiative you exhibit when pursuing them.

If this is the kind of challenge that you get excited about and if you feel
that who we are looking for looks a lot like you, then we'd love to hear


 *What It Will Look Like*

As a co-founder you will play a key part in building flowtale into a
successful company. In the beginning , you will be trained in using the core
technology . After that you will be able to operate it on your own and your
time will be spent developing the applications that build upon it.

Until you finish your degree, your time commitment for flowtale would be
limited. During this time we will work on applying for the EXIST
Gründerstipendium of the BMWi. We are already in contact with computer
science professors from several universities who would like to join us in
that process as mentors, but if our favorite candidate is from a different
university, we will be willing to look into other cooperations as well. If
the EXIST application is successful, we could expect the financing to start
around April/May 2011. From that point on, you would have a secured salary
of Eur 2000 per month for an entire year. In addition to that, as a
co-founder, you would become an owner of flowtale too and take part in any
upside in its development.

*We Look Forward to Hearing From You!!*

Fabian Crain – fabian at flowtale.com
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