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Betreff: Open full-time and internship positions at Siemens

Dear Colleague,

I apologize for the generic email.  I wanted to make you and your
students aware of full-time and temporary opportunities related to
bioinformatics and biomedical informatics at Siemens in Princeton, NJ.
Details are below; you can also email me with any questions.



RESEARCH SCIENTISTS:  We have an immediate opening for multiple
permanent, full-time research scientist positions.  Each scientist will
help to design and execute projects in a contract R&D environment by
identifying high-impact research topics in personalized healthcare,
selecting or inventing appropriate computational approaches, developing
deliverable prototype software, and performing data analysis.  The
positions also involve interacting with external collaborators and
internal Siemens customers, writing project proposals, supervising
interns, and publishing peer-reviewed scientific papers.  Candidates
must show evidence of strong programming and communication skills, have
a proven track record of problem solving and scientific publication, and
have the ability to work as part of a team.  We are particularly
interested in candidates with computational genomics skills.  These
positions require a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, or a
related discipline.  Post-doctoral experience is helpful but not
INTERNSHIPS:  We are seeking interns for projects involving genomics,
gene expression, and mass spectrometry data analysis.  A relevant
background in bioinformatics is preferred, but students with strong
skills in machine learning or statistical data analysis who are
interested in bioinformatics will also be considered.  Strong
programming and communication skills are required.  Internships
typically last from 3 to 6 months, and are flexible in terms of starting
date and duration.  Pay is commensurate with experience and graduate
students are preferred, but truly exceptional undergraduates may also be
considered.  SCR maintains a large internship program, with up to 100 or
more students and interns from around the world on site at any given
Both positions above are in the Personalized Healthcare research
program.  The program's mission is to integrate all forms of biomedical
information in order to enable personalized diagnosis and treatment of
disease, and is exemplified by our project Health-e-Child
(http://www.health-e-child.org <http://www.health-e-child.org/>
<http://www.health-e-child.org/>  ), a 4 year, EU-funded effort to bring
advanced technologies to pediatric care.  This project is organized by
our department and is being executed by consortium of fourteen
hospitals, universities, companies, and research facilities.  The
Personalized Healthcare program focuses particularly on applications of
genomics and proteomics to clinical medicine, and integrating these new
forms of information with advanced medical imaging and traditional
clinical data for personalized diagnostic and therapeutic decision
ABOUT SIEMENS CORPORATE RESEARCH (http://www.scr.siemens.com):  Siemens
Corporate Research, Inc. (SCR), based in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, is
one of the world's premier research labs for computer vision, medical
imaging, and applied machine learning.  SCR provides a stimulating
environment for highly talented and self-motivated researchers.  SCR
excels in transferring academic research into innovative products, and
works in close collaboration with clinical partners.  The lab has more
than 250 researchers and over 200 students involved in hundreds of
university, clinical, and government collaborations. SCR is part of
Siemens Corporate Technology, a division comprising 2500+ research
scientists in Princeton, Berkeley, Erlangen, Munich, Berlin, Tokyo,
Beijing, Shanghai, Bangalore, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

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