[jacorb-developer] Exposing CORBA Service as Web service

Nick Cross jacorb at goots.org
Tue Apr 12 15:54:52 CEST 2016

I believe there is one test with CXF currently



Perhaps you could adapt this test?


On 11/04/16 15:35, Nicolas Aguilé wrote:
> Hi,
> i'm trying to expose a CORBA service (using JacORB) as a Web Service using CXF.
> I've generate a WSDL file using the idl2wsdl tool and after generate de Java files from the WSDL but it doesn't work.
> Does anyone have expose CORBA with CXF ?
> What are configurations for cxf-servlet.xml, cxf-extension-corba, ... ?
> Thanks for your help
> Nicolas Aguilé
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