[jacorb-developer] terminology

thufir hawat.thufir at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 16:07:41 CET 2015

In general, and specific to Jacorb, what's the definition for:

ORB:  Object Request Broker.  Commonly, referrred to as the "broker."  
The broker is what I would call the server.  It runs the show.

POA:  Portable Object Adapter:  Runs on the broker.  Splits the handler 
into the Object and the Servant.

handler:  ???

Object:  resides in the client?

Servant:  resides in the broker.

I'm just trying to understand the process a bit.  On localhost, I have 
no problem writing a small Java program of the hello world variety.  
However, I cannot fathom how make a remote connection, nor do I see much 
specific tutorial or information on making that seemingly small step.  
Why is it a hurdle to make a remote connection?

So far I've been using Glassfish, but have hit a wall with 
troubleshooting it.  When it comes to Jacorb, assuming a starting point 
of "hello world" with everything on the same JVM and the same hardware, 
what's the next step to making a remote connection?  With Jacorb, is it 
simply a matter of specifying the hostname or address for the broker?



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