[jacorb-developer] duplicate omg CORBA classes

Nick Cross jacorb at goots.org
Wed Oct 24 15:31:56 CEST 2012

JacORB supplies its own stubs as those are the stubs (and corresponding 
specification versions) that it has been tested with. I do not know what 
version of the OMG spec the IBM stubs comply with. What also would 
happen if the Oracle stubs are a different version as well? Therefore 
this is why most ORB vendors supply their own stubs - you probably need 
to examine how you setup your classpath to resolve this issue.

Saying that I can see some merit in looking towards a split *if* vendors 
are using a similar/same version of the language mapping specification. 
If you could supply patches to split the jacorb jar and the appropriate 
tests to verify it works with and without it I would be happy to look at it.



On 24/10/12 11:57, Fehringer Franz wrote:
> Hello,
> The jacorb.jar (all versions up to and including latest) contains many classes already contained in rt.jar (in the same package i.e. the fully qualified name is the same).
> One example is org/omg/CORBA/ORB.class.
> What would it mean to leave these classes out of jacorb.jar essentially using the ones from rt.jar?
> We already operate with such a minimized jacorb.jar because the full jacorb.jar will give us hard class loader errors in IBM Websphere under certain circumstances, where the error cause are the duplicate classes.
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