[jacorb-developer] SSL: EstablishTrustInClient vs. EstablishTrustInTarget | can't see any SSL Packet via Wireshark

Nicolae Mihalache mache at abcpages.com
Wed Jul 22 20:02:25 CEST 2009

Michael Garbas wrote:
> I only see unencrypted standard tcp packages in wireshark between server and
> client.
> Is it possible that wireshark doesn't see the jsse ssl packages?
What do you call "unencrypted standard tcp packages"? I'm not sure that
wireshark will spontaneously tell you that the connection is SSL, but I
suggest you just look inside those packets, and if you don't recognize
any strings (like "IIOP" or  "getVL"), it means it's encrypted.

> Would you recommend me to use bidirectional connectios???
Bidirectional is useful if there are firewalls in between the server and

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