[fli4l] Hier die komplette Mail

Helmut Sieckmann hsieckmann at t-online.de
Fr Apr 1 22:05:22 CEST 2016

Dear Helmut Sieckmann,

Today is the day: it is time to call your ISP and ask for native IPv6![1]

You have been using SixXS as an IPv6 connectivity provider, and clearly
did not yet call your ISP to ask them for native IPv6. Or you did, but
they did not really get the message yet or did not provide reverse or
static addresses: Call them again for native IPv6!

Over 20 years ago RFC1883[2], the RFC that formally defined IPv6, was
published by the IETF[3]. From 1996 till 2006 the 6bone[4] existed and
functioned as a testing ground for IPv6. Per 2006, which is now a decade
ago, IPv6 has been available worldwide in production from a large variety
of ISPs.

During the last decade, IPv4 address space has also run out at most of
the RIRs and most of the large Internet properties have enabled IPv6 on
their services.

SixXS has been in existence since 2001-ish[5] and over the last 15 years we
have been providing connectivity to people around the world.

Unfortunately it seems a large number of ISPs think that our service is
a free pass for them to not deploy IPv6, as they direct their (paying)
customers who want IPv6 to our service.

With IPv6 being 20 years old now, IPv4 addresses being out, and no movement
happening, we started our "Call your ISP for IPv6 action" in December
We are now fully stopping accepting signups and tunnel & subnet requests.
We'll also be starting to ratelimit IPv4 speeds on the PoPs to make sure
that you notice that the freebie that is SixXS will not stay around forever.

Please really start calling your ISP, which you should have done so
already during the time that you had IPv6 by SixXS and not from your ISP.

We hope, that by people calling their ISPs, the number one support ticket
at these ISPs will be "I want IPv6" and that these ISPs who have typically
not moved a finger yet in the last two decades to deploy or even test IPv6,
will be finally putting IPv6 on their roadmaps

 Jeroen Massar, SixXS

Na ja, existierende Tunnel werden erst langsamer und dann ganz wegfallen..

Gruß Helmut

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